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What is a Teaser?

A teaser is a short, 2-3 page presentation, that includes the most important information about a project or company. It is meant to grab an investor’s attention and persuade him/her into investing. As a non-disclosure agreement is signed after a teaser is presented and interest is shown, it is crucial to not disclose everything.

What to include?

Ideally, a teaser will include graphics, graphs, and charts. Of importance is representing the project or company in such a way that will maximize interest without sharing know-how or valuable information that may be used by the competition. For example, company information, product information, reasons for seeking investors, goals, and financial reports. Strategies, suppliers, buyers, and other specifics should never be revealed in a teaser.

What is included in our Teaser?

Each teaser we create is tailored to the specific needs of our client. We will prepare a 6-10 page presentation on your behalf and are able to translate it into a foreign language should you require a foreign investor. We will gather specific information from you that will be included in the presentation, along with our graphics, graphs, and financial analysis and industry specific projections. Upon completion, the client receives the presentation electronically.

The document is then the client’s personal property, free of any commercial and usage rights.

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