In short, Polinvesta offers complex and multifaceted support throughout the funding process. Our offer is geared towards companies that are in dynamic growth, investors seeking out investments, as well as for those wanting to sell their shares in a business.

When signing on with us, you will not only receive professional counsel with regards to the funding process. Our clients receive various documentation tailored to the specific situation that becomes their own private property.


For our clients that wish to invest, we seek out projects in Poland that will become a stable source of income and aid in the investment process, from locating attractive projects to filling out paperwork and navigating through local laws.

Why Poland?

Read below about the benefits of investing in Poland.


Poland is ranked as the 6th largest economy in the European Union and the only to avoid a GDP decline during the Sovereign Debt Crisis. The country also has a robust economy: $1.11 trillion PPP as of 2017, has generally stable credit ratings, and strong growth.

Furthermore, Poland offers foreign investors incentives that have already substantially attracted investments from all over the world.

There are 14 Special Economic Zones which are administratively separate from the rest. These zones have well-equipped facilities, and include property and income tax exemptions.



In comparision:
UK: 1,3%, USA: 3.8%, India: 7.3%



In comparision:
UK: -198.96%, USA: -794.29%, India: 1928.44%


BBB+ Positive

In comparision:

UK: AA Negative, USA: AA+ Stable, India: BBB- Stable

Index of Shareholder’s Power: 8.0

In comparision: Central Europe&Central Asia: 6.0, USA: 4.0, Germany: 8.0

Note: the greater index, the easier it will be for shareholders to take legal actions

Index of Transaction Transparency: 7.0

In comparision: Central Europe&Central Asia: 7.0, USA: 7.0, Germany: 5.0

Note: the greater index, the more transparent the conditions of  transactions

Index of Investors Protection: 6.3

In comparision: Central Europe&Central Asia: 6.4, USA: 6.5, Germany: 6.0

Note: the greater index, the higher the level of investor protection

Index of Manager’s Responsibility: 2.0

In comparision: Central Europe&Central Asia: 5.0, USA: 9.0, Germany: 5.0

Note: the greater index, the more the manager is responsible


For our clients that wish to sell their shares in a business we provide business exit planning. The process of exiting a business is intimidating and often filled with mazes that one must navigate through, and this is exactly the support that we provide so you are not alone. From evaluating the timing of an exit, valuation of your shares, identifying potential buyers, to negotiations and preparing the final documentation, we are here to guide you.For our clients that wish to find an investor, we do not just stop at finding an investor. Our services range from preparing business plans, contract negotiations, and finalizing the investment.

Our experience in the field allows us to locate various investors, such as:


Financial investors are those considered to be in private equity and venture capital. Financial investors typically invest large amounts of capital in a business that have solid business plans and already shown signs of success, and in return receive equity capital. In general, partial ownership is handed over in return for funding.


For industry investors, the most important goal is strengthening the long-term standing of multiple competing firms in the industry. These investors do not focus on a particular company’s/projects return on investment or risk, but instead are guided by effects of the whole group. These investors usually seek out control and full ownership of the project or business.


When referring to angel investors, we often refer to entrepreneurs who want to leverage their wealth by investing in projects that see potential in, especially in start-up projects. Angel investors usually provide funding in the form of a loan or stock purchase. In certain situations, an angel investor will mentor or advise the business. Seed funding is used at the beginning stages of a project/company. While most often companies are able to find funding from friends and family, sometimes external funds are needed. Investors that offer seed funds get an equity in the business.


We will find the best suited and interesting projects to invest in. When coming to us, you can count on professionalism in every aspect of running a business abroad.This means:


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