In order to develop the company, one should certainly analyze not only the direction in which this development should go, but first of all, where new branches should be located. Therefore, answering the second part of this question, we suggest that the best place for investments is Poland. Why? You will find the answers below and we assure you that some information may come as a surprise to you!

French investors trust the Polish market

The best emphasis of the entrepreneurial compliance of Poland and France is the report published recently by KPMG and CCIFP, entitled „25 years of Polish-French partnership. Investments in Poland”.

As can be seen from its study, France is the third country that transfers quite a lot of capital to the Polish market – about 81 billion PLN, which have been invested in it since the beginning of the Polish transformation. According to calculations, at the end of 2017, the first place on the podium belongs to Germany, which invests about 167 billion PLN, followed by the USA with the capital of 91 billion PLN. French entrepreneurs noticed some time ago that there is a huge potential in Poland, which is worth appreciating and allowing it to develop. Therefore, currently in Poland there are 1092 companies with French capital. It is easy to guess, that also the number of employees in these enterprises is significant. It is important that these companies employ about 200 thousand people.

Polish potential – how others see us

The report mentioned above indicates that the number of permanent investments amounts to about 60%. Moreover, on the basis of a survey (conducted for the purposes of the report), we find out that 75% of the surveyed entrepreneurs positively assessed the Polish investment market. In a word, they describe it as attractive, which is confirmed by 95% of enterprises that have positive experiences in cooperation with Polish companies. We are perceived as reliable in our tasks, both as business partners and employees. Therefore, 55% of the surveyed companies indicate that over the next 5 years they plan to increase employment, 43% want to open a new branch or office in Poland and 20% plan to open a production plant. These records speak for themselves: Poland is attractive and trustworthy. The same opinion is shared by 68% of respondents, who indicate that Poland will remain at the approximate level in terms of attractiveness.

Challenges and dynamics of the Polish market

As unanimously indicated by the representatives of the largest French companies, the competitive nature of the Polish market is an advantage. Dynamics, market size and high level of human resources are clearly noticeable. Admittedly, the report also indicates some concerns about variable legal regulations, as well as the availability of appropriate employees, but these are inseparable elements of the changing market. This is related to the need to maintain competitiveness, which often has a mobilizing effect on entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, investors trust Poland. A similar opinion is expressed by Jean-Francois Fallacher, President of Orange Polska and Head of CCIFP, who points out that Poland is the third European market in which this powerful concern invests. The remaining two countries are France and Spain.

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