The annual international economic forum, which began in St. Petersburg, abounded in various new information, calculations and agreements between entrepreneurs. The event in question is the largest of its kind organized in Russia. In this year’s edition participated 17 thousand guests from 143 countries. The forum attracts not only entrepreneurs, but also journalists – 4000 of them coming from 45 countries, that speaks for itself.

As it turns out, the organizers ensured that during the forum there will be signed as many as 593 contracts, for the amount of about 40 million dollars. It can be easily noticed, that it is not little money, so it can be can assumed that European markets are interesting for entrepreneurs. So, where do they invest? Which countries seem to be attractive and have potential? You will find some tips below.

Investment attractiveness of Europe – data from the report

At the beginning of the economic forum, the participants got acquainted with the report entitled „Investment attractiveness of European countries in 2018”. Ernst & Young company, which presented the report, focused the attention of the gathered entrepreneurs on the Russian part of this document. As it turns out, out of 10 European countries in which businessmen invested their capital, Russia was in the penultimate place. So what countries are at the top of the list? Well, Britain is still a leader, followed by France and Germany. So, what is the position of Poland? According to the data from the aforementioned report, the Polish investment market is in sixth place, just behind Spain and Belgium. So is it a favorable market for investors?

Is the Polish investment market tempting for foreign investors?

Noting that in 2018 Poland was in sixth place in terms of investment attractiveness in Europe, it is worth emphasizing that it is a clear proof that the Polish market increasingly meets the expectations of foreign investors. As we can learn from the report read by E&Y, Warsaw is also chosen from various European cities as an interesting place with potential in terms of investment. Actually, the list is quite honorable, because apart from Warsaw, which is in eighth place, there are also leading Paris, London and Berlin – in third place. So what makes Poland attractive for entrepreneurs? The Polish market, as we know, is quite dynamic, demanding and competitive. We are happy to have qualified staff, which additionally supports the development of companies from various industries. Probably such arguments prevailed, because in the last year the number of foreign projects implemented in Poland increased by 38%. With such an increase, the Polish market overtook, among others, Turkey, the Netherlands, Russia, as well as Ireland. This is a reason to be satisfied, both for foreign and domestic entrepreneurs, thanks to the cooperation concluded with them.

So is the Polish market tempting for investors? It turns out that it is. The numbers speak for themselves. Foreign entrepreneurs more and more willingly and more often use the Polish market. Therefore, the number of new projects is increasing.


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